Microblading Clearwater, FL : No More Bad Brow Days

Microblading Clearwater, FL : No More Bad Brow Days

Jan 13, 2022 | Med Spa, Microblading

Eyebrows can make such a statement when they are done well, but that is not always an easy task. Getting your brows to cooperate with you can be a real pain in the you-know-what. It takes time and can be a real hassle if you mess them up and have to start all over. 

Microblading is a time (& frustration) saver. Having your brows perfect and ready to go right when you roll out of bed in the morning is a great way to start your day. But what is microblading? 


The Process of Microblading


  1. Designing the eyebrows – The specialist and the client will discuss the expectations for the brows, based on the client’s desires and face shape. The specialist will then disinfect the surface where the procedure is taking place. Using a golden ratio caliper and pencil, the specialist will begin drawing the eyebrow shape for both brows.
  2. Choosing the perfect pigment – Based on the skin type of the client and their natural hair color, the best pigment will be chosen.
  3. Drawing on each hair stroke – The hair strokes will be applied using a 14 slope blade with a bit of pigment on the tip of the blade, the specialist will run it from the beginning to the end of the brow in a way that imitates the natural growth of hairs. It is vital that the strokes are done just right without going too deep or too shallow. 
  4. Shading in the rest of the brows – It is crucial to realize that you have to shade in the eyebrows where it is needed, where the bare skin is between the strokes. The client may want to follow a particular fashion trend when in reality, they need to follow their individual look, so their brows do not go out of style. Shading will occur in a gentle tapping motion in layers, more layers will be applied for a darker shade.
  5. Aftercare – The specialist will inform the client of the necessary aftercare instructions. Since this procedure is basically a tattooing of the skin, the client will need to take care of it properly for their skin to heal and to retain the results of the microblading.


Is Microblading Worth it?


  • Microblading lasts anywhere from 18 to 30 months, and will typically require a touch-up once a year. 
  • Microblading does not have any lasting effect on the way the hair grows so it will not ruin your natural eyebrows. 
  • It is not a painful procedure, most people report feeling minor pressure or discomfort. 
  • Microblading saves time and frustration for people who are used to putting their eyebrows on every day and requires very little maintenance after the procedure. 
  • Microblading alleviates the need to regularly purchase eyebrow products.


What Are The Cons of Microblading?

 It is important to do research and look into a specialist before deciding where you are going to get microblading done. In bad situations where the person performing microblading uses unsterile and low-quality equipment, there could be infection or skin issues that resonate from that. Otherwise, another rare case scenario could be an allergic reaction to the procedure. However, microblading is generally considered to be safe and people tend to run into zero issues while and after experiencing it.


Tonicity Health & Wellness is a leading Microblading clearwater fl clinic in the Safety Harbor area. If you have any questions on microblading, please give us a call! 727-205-6842.

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