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Products We Carry & Use

At Tonicity Health & Wellness, our mission is to provide state of the art products and medical treatments that enhance physical vitality, longevity, and enduring beauty.

Brands We Carry & Use

  • 5Xeomin
  • 5Dysport
  • 5Benev Exosomes
  • 5Botox
  • 5Versa
  • 5Restylane
  • 5Radiesse
  • 5Juvederm
  • 5ISDIN
  • 5SkinMedica
  • 5Mesotherapy
  • 5BioRepeel
  • 5Skinbetter
  • 5VI Derm

Natural Supplements

We adopt an all-encompassing strategy to beauty and wellness, and part of that will always include a good skincare routine with top-quality products. Each of our product lines have been carefully selected to ensure that your skin remains healthy, enhances physical vitality, longevity, and enduring beauty long after your visit. That is the reason we stock a variety of products that we’ve taken the time to test to ensure that we’re giving awesome for our clients.


Benefits on why you’ll love medical-grade skincare products

Medical-grade skincare can be utilized by any individual who needs to accomplish sensational tasteful outcomes, whether that is the healthy, radiant complexion or an improvement of the appearance of a skin concern.


Longer-lasting Skincare results

Medical-grade skincare brands commit to product advancement, they can often utilize smart conveyance frameworks that assist the ingredients in getting to where they need to go. Moreover, they are composed with bioavailable ingredients, which can be utilized immediately by the body and are able to have an active effect in the skin.


Buying medical-grade skincare products is Super convenient

With advancements in innovation and online shopping, purchasing medical-grade skincare has never been easier or more convenient. At the point when you notice your product is running short, you can either pop into your closest skincare clinic to pick up another, or order online with conveyance coming straight to your door.


Quick Skincare results

Medical grade skincare is formulated by highly experienced doctors, biochemists, and physicians to target skin conditions and restore skin health in a major way. This means they pack a punch and results can be accomplished super quickly.


Medical-grade skincare products are surprisingly affordable

There is a misinterpretation that medical-grade skincare products are costly, however actually the reality is that investing in it will likely save you money in the long run. How? Because they are highly concentrated with active ingredients, you only need to use a limited quantity of each product to get results. Therefore, medical-grade skincare products may last up to 90 days so you could be replacing your skincare occasionally.


You’ll be underneath the care of a authorized skin care professional

The beauty of buying certain from medical-grade skincare brands, like the brands we use, is that you shop directly underneath the care of an authorized skincare professional. This implies that you’ll just be prescribed products that are appropriate to your necessities and ideal aesthetic outcomes, so you don’t wind up wasting time and money on products that are not right for you.

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