Reasons Why a Diamond Glow Facial is Absolutely Worth It

This is something you may be wondering, just as many others do. Caring for your face and ensuring your skin is soft and bright is not an easy task. People who frequent med spas are very aware of the benefits they are receiving, especially when it comes to regular facials!

The Diamond Glow Facial is a one-of-a-kind beauty treatment, a three-in-one actually! This incredible facial simultaneously performs exfoliation, extractions, and serum infusion. This is all made possible due to the device’s skin resurfacing wand, which has a diamond tip. The Diamond Glow Facial will deeply clean and rejuvenate your skin like never before!

Here are 5 steps Aestheticians take during a Diamond Glow treatment:

1. Deep Cleanse – The first thing your Aesthetician will do is cleanse your face. They will wipe away dirt and makeup from your face as best they can. This is already a major benefit, as it is difficult to remove all of your makeup and impurities with just a makeup removing wipe.
2. Exfoliate – During this step of the treatment, the device will gently exfoliate the top dermal tissue. This is where the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation are most visible.
3. Extract – The device will start extracting the blackheads and other impurities that have been stuck in your pores. This is extremely important because it is rather difficult to remove these impurities yourself, especially without damaging your skin. This will help reduce the size of pores that are enlarged.
4. Infuse – During this step, a specific SkinMedica Pro-infusion serum is chosen to treat and hydrate the skin. This is determined by what your main concern is to treat. This step is part of the reason the Diamond Glow Facial is one of the best beauty treatments out there.
5. Post-Care Advice – Once you have received your facial, your aesthetician will give you after-care instructions on how to keep your skin looking fresh and clean. Some of these instructions may include:

  • Avoiding heat
  • Using SPF every day
  • Avoiding waxing, laser hair removal, or exfoliating for at least seven days following your treatment

Here are some thoughts on the Diamond Glow Facial by our lovely client, Susan, “Love the Diamond Glow facial. My skin was glowing and felt amazing afterward. It is a great combination of microdermabrasion and a hydro facial. A must-try. I purchased my daughter one who was struggling with acne due to mask-wearing. Again I would highly recommend it. Her skin looks great and it cleared up her acne.”

To see glowing results and improvement, we recommend receiving the Diamond Glow Facial every 4 to 8 weeks! Our Diamond Glow treatment at Tonicity Med Spa in Safety Harbor starts at $205. We offer other facial treatments, but the Diamond Glow Facial is the most transformative, as it combines multiple skincare treatments into one facial!

Tonicity Health & Wellness is located at 324 Main Street in Safety Harbor. Please contact us with any questions about our Diamond Glow Facial, or any of our other services. Our phone number is 727-205-6842.

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