What is a Spa Day for men?

Oct 18, 2022

What is a Spa Day for men?

Oct 18, 2022 | Med Spa

Women are not the only ones who want to look beautiful and feel confident. These days, men also put a lot of effort into looking better. According to research, men spend more time grooming themselves in the morning than women. The main motivation for these beauty treatments is confidence. No matter what gender you are, success depends on having a look that makes you feel good about yourself. Many men visit medical spas to maintain their attractiveness and self-confidence in their appearance, much as they engage in healthy workouts and activities to be active and fit.

Despite the fact that medical spas and anti-aging treatments are traditionally attractive to women, men have recently become more proactive about taking care of their skin. Both men and women want to look their best as they age. For professional men or those in the spotlight, proper skin care has become increasingly necessary.

Top medical spa services for men include preserving skin health, repairing damage, and shaving. We love seeing our male clients take skin care seriously since it’s no longer just for women.

For men contemplating whether a spa day is for them or not, you are not alone! Believe it or not, there are many services that were especially made for you and all your rejuvenation needs.

Here are a few Specialty Treatments made especially for Men:


Gentleman’s Relaxing Facial: Your skin will be washed and exfoliated throughout this one-hour treatment. After a warm cloth is applied to relax your pores, a tailored mask will be applied to rehydrate your skin. Enjoy a truly relaxing scalp massage to help you forget about your worries.

Sublative Resurfacing: Wrinkles, acne scars, big pores, uneven skin texture, and age spots can all be treated with radiofrequency. The effects occur gradually, with the most noticeable effects appearing 2–4 months after the treatment is completed. The number of treatment sessions varies depending on the patient, and they are usually scheduled every 4–6 weeks. This procedure is ideal for those who do not want to use Botox or other injectables to repair fine lines and wrinkles.

PRF for Erectile Dysfunction: The PRF treatment for erectile dysfunction uses a patient’s own platelet-rich fibrin in safe, painless injections to rejuvenate the penis and promote the creation of new tissue, leading to enhanced erections that are larger, firmer, and more frequent. In Safety Harbor, Florida, our specialists are offering their patients the cutting-edge new PRF Treatment, which is expected to enhance sexual function and enjoyment for both patients and their partners.

PRF for Hair Loss: Clinical studies have shown that PRF therapy is successful in correcting baldness in both male and female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia. The treatment uses the most recent scientific developments in cellular regeneration to restore damaged hair follicles, stop hair loss, and promote thicker hair growth. Most individuals have a rapid reduction in new hair loss, shedding, or thinning. After PRF treatment, the new hair growth often becomes visible after two to three months.

How Do Medical Spa Differ from a Day Spa?

The main difference between a day spa and a med spa is that a med spa will have a physician on staff and will offer aesthetic services. Med spa operations will be performed in cosmetic clinics and will include treatments for wrinkles, skin pigmentation, skin sagging, spots and markings, and other skin and hair concerns.

Unlike day spas, which focus on improving your exterior look, medical spas offer medical procedures that are aimed at healing your skin, hair, and even metabolic functions. In other words, the therapies available at medical spas have a long-term effect, and in some circumstances, permanent good consequences.

Another key distinction is who supervises and performs medical operations. Day spa employees are typically licensed estheticians, massage therapists, cosmetologists, or nail techs. Medical spas, on the other hand, need a physician to perform or supervise all procedures.

When specialists cannot provide the therapy themselves, they will outsource the work to another medical expert, usually a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. This implies that you will always be accompanied by a medical expert while receiving your treatments.

Everyone deserves a spa day, including MEN!

Contrary to popular belief, whether you’re a businessman, athletic or a handyman, men need spa days too- surprisingly as much, if not more than women! After a long week, any kind of movement or mental stress can take a toll on the body. So, prioritizing yourself and visiting a spa is highly beneficial to your overall morale and well-being.

To conclude men, work hard and they deserve rejuvenation too!

We here at Tonicity offer a wide variety of men’s spa treatments to address issues with hair removal, wrinkles and fine lines, sun spots, acne, and many other skin problems. Schedule your free consultation today to get more familiar with our med spa treatments that keep your skin looking young and healthy.

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